2021 Curriculum 

Curriculum will vary slightly depending on skill level and interests of individual camper.

Ages 11-15

Monday: Breakfast Theme

The First hour we go over the rules of the kitchen,

safety procedures, and get to know one another


     Table 1: How to use different kitchen gadgets like a food processor, kitchen aid, hand mixer, ice cream maker

     Table 2: Omelettes

     Table 3: Over easy, Over hard eggs

     Table 4: Scrambled


     Table 1: Pancakes & Waffles

     Table 2: Breakfast potatoes

     Table 3: Bacon and Sausage

     Table 4: Breakfast Burritos

Tuesday: Lunch Theme


     Table 1: chicken

     Table 2: Soup

     Table 3: meatballs and spaghetti

     Table 4: Caesar Salad with fresh made croutons


     Table 1: Fresh Squeezed Strawberry lemonade

     Table 2: apple berry crumble

     Table 3: Cookies

     Table 4: Muffins / Scone

Wednesday: Dinner theme


     Table 1: Pizza

     Table 2: Pizza

     Table 3: Pizza

     Table 4: Pizza


     Table 1: Ice Cream

     Table 2: Ice cream cone cannolis

     Table 3: Chocolate dipped strawberries

     Table 4: Foccicia Bread

Thursday: Chefs choice


     Table 1: Hand breaded chicken tenders

     Table 2: Pasta and Sauce / Mac and cheese

     Table 3: Empanada filling

     Table 4: Empanada Dough


     Table 1: Empanadas

     Table 2: Whats better, Box of brownie mix or fresh made brownies?

     Table 3: Whats better, Box of brownie mix or fresh made brownies?

     Table 4: Empanadas

Friday: Parents Buffet Prep


     Table 1: ??? Kids Choice ???

     Table 2: ??? Kids Choice ???

     Table 3: ??? Kids Choice ???

     Table 4: ??? Kids Choice ???

Afternoon: Parents eat and enjoy!