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Sarasota Garden Club

start to finish. Leading up tot he event, Mike and team were in close communication with us to make sure we were aligned on all of the details. Mike crafted the most creative menu that pleased every single palate. There was something for everyone and the presentation was gorgeous! The day of our wedding, Mike and his team were professional, accommodating. and incredibly kind! I would recommend them again and again for any special event you are planning. I promise you won’t be disappointed!    Jess was in a relationship at the time, and then in February of the year they met, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.    Jess and Marty remained friends and kept in touch over the years. Marty always had a feeling they would eventually wind up together, but Jess was skeptical. She thought maybe he was all talk and a little too good to be true.    Finally, in 2020 they both found themselves single once again. When the pandemic hit, their schedules became less hectic, and they had a couple of socially distanced porch dates. Getting to know each other through long talks and outdoor dates revealed that they were actually a pretty awesome match. Julie was right all along.      They moved in together after a few months of dating, and both felt like it would be fun to start trying to make a little family. Jess' cancer treatment created some uncertainty around whether or not she could have children, but they thought it would be really fun to try! When they found out they were pregnant in January 2021, they were over the moon!    Marty proposed on April 1st at the ritz Carlton's Jack Dusty. They had the best outdoor seats in the house.    When their son was born in September 2021, their cup overflowed with gratitude. He felt like the greatest miracle they had ever experienced. Becoming parents has only made Marty and Jess' love even stronger.   They had the most incredible wedding at Sarasota Garden Club on March 19th, 2022. Chef Mike and Team were the brightest highlight, serving up the most delicious food with the friendliest service around!

The Sarasota Garden Club is centrally located at The Bay, on more than an acre of beautifully maintained grounds with native and tropical plants.

The Botanical Gardens are freely accessible and can be viewed and appreciated during daylight hours. The Garden Club is one of Sarasota's Classiest Venues

Jessie's Review

Chef Mike and his team created an absolutely marvelous experience for our wedding day from

Jessie & Martins Story

Martin and Jess were introduced by Martin's mom, Julie, back in 2016. She was sure they would fall madly in love instantly, but it didn't quite work out like that.

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