Meet our team

Chef Mike can get pretty busy in Sarasota and the surrounding areas.

He has a trained team of fantastic private chefs and catering specialists!

Team members are chosen based on culinary and restaurant experience,

shared values and standards, and passion for service.

Each of our team members have special skills

and can offer a unique style of cooking in your home.


Mike DonnerstagCEO of Pink Cloud Catering

As a Premier Private Chef in the beautiful Sarasota Bay Area, Chef Mike Donnerstag has been the go-to for high end custom catering and events.Chef Mike is known for his culinary expertise, experience with many types of events, and strong community relationships. Chef Mike and his team have many services to offer including personal chef dinners, catering and events, prepared meal deliveries and in-home meal prep. All of the team members have been specially trained by Chef Mike's high standards to work privately in your home.

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Caroline Beach: Catering Director
Caroline is Chef Mikes newest brightest star addition to the team. She is directly working with clients as our event planner, menu creator and with our staff to schedule all the catering and private chef events here in Sarasota.


Julissa Koelble: Sous Chef
Julissa spent 3.5 years helping Chef Mike build the private chef and catering  business that Chef Mike Industries is today. Julissa now has transitioned into an amazing personal chef herself. Managing cocktail parties and in-home is her specialty. She is equally skilled as Chef Mike and is passionate about food and excellent service.


The Gang
It takes a lot of talent to run our private chef and catering service. We have many skilled, fun, and passionate people that work directly for us. We don't just use the "Rent a person" services like other catering services. We demand more of ourselves than the average.