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Meet Our Team

Chef Mike can get pretty busy in Sarasota and the surrounding areas.


He has a trained team of fantastic private chefs and catering specialists!


Team members are chosen based on culinary and restaurant experience, shared values and standards, and passion for service.


Each of our team members have special skills and can offer a unique style of cooking in your home.

Headshot of Chef Mike Donnerstag

Mike DonnerstagCEO of Pink Cloud Catering

As a Premier Private Chef in the beautiful Sarasota Bay Area, Chef Mike Donnerstag has been the go-to for high end custom catering and events.Chef Mike is known for his culinary expertise, experience with many types of events, and strong community relationships. Chef Mike and his team have many services to offer including personal chef dinners, catering and events, prepared meal deliveries and in-home meal prep. All of the team members have been specially trained by Chef Mike's high standards to work privately in your home.

Click here to see Chef Mike's favorite menus

JoAnn Powell helping a crew member make a drink.

JoAnn PowellCatering Director

JoAnn Comes to us with tons of great experience. She has run Catering operations her entire career. We are lucky to have someone who has had as much experience with large banquets, cost control, management techniques and much more. JoAnn helps with the creative menu writing process and interfacing with all our clients. She is truly a gift to the organization. 

Contact JoAnn to Order


Ali HarseySocial Media Marketing Director

Ali comes to us from old school Sarasota Circus. Her many industry contacts and being a in Sarasota for such a long time makes her the perfect person for our marketing. Her passion for social media and making events really special is a wonderful addition for our team. 

Diane Jackson setting up a buffet table

Dianne JacksonCatering Coordinator & Wedding Planning

Dianne is passionate about being organized and being creative. Its what makes her the perfect person to keep this place organized and to plan weddings. Dianne comes from great experience in fine dining and has a great eye for the little things (that are so important.) Dianne is a real asset to our team, the glue that keeps things together! 

Crew members serving at an event bar

The Crew: Our Servers and Chefs

It takes alot to run a catering operation. I dont like using temp agency's. You never know what you are going to get. We have hand picked staff based on many qualifications including non smoking requirement, experience in catering and restaurants and background checks. We want to give our clients the best possible experience that we can, i believe it starts with the workers

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