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Aircraft Catering

Chef Mike Jet & Yacht Displays Menu
Chef Mike Jet & Yachet Catering Plates Menu
Chef Mike Jet & Yacht Catering Entree Menu

Chef Mike has been putting food on personal and business aircraft since 2006.

Mike ran a private jet catering facility for a number of years.

This is a highly specialized style of catering that Chef Mike knows much about.

As with anything, our menus are meant to be suggestive

and we would be more than happy to customize a menu for you.

We are able to service small craft and crew all the way

to professional sports teams with dietary guidelines.

Don't hesitate to ask about personal shopping services.

We are able to provide passengars with

personal items, news papers and specialty products. 

We specialize in dietary accommodations including

vegan, gluten free, keto, etc.

Boxed, Crew, and Plate Meals Available

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