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Eating out in SRQ

Going out to eat in SRQ is just a fact of life. Our towns economic lively hood is based on service. We are a vacation town. There are new restaurants "popping up" all the time. It is hard to decipher what is going to be good or bad. So many of these elements are a personal choice. What I may love, you may not. I have worked in and around food service my whole life so I would love to pay homage to an amazing restaurant my lovely girlfriend and I ate at tonight. I am ultra critical of restaurants and I have not one bad thing to say about this establishment. From the warm welcome I received when I called for reservation's, The amazing ambiance with white linens, wood grain and heavy silverware. Fancy napkin folds and water goblets around us everywhere, it's not everyday that you find a place able to sustain the high cost of running an operation with these extras all while turning a profit. Busy and loud (Crowed is a good sign for me, that means it's fresh) But with a quiet booth, setting a romantic scene, a gently lit candle in the center. Creative food like cheesesteak eggrolls, amazing flatbreads with fig jam and Finally a place that bakes their rolls!. Don't forget the truffle butter, roasted garlic and macerated cherries for spreading on these amazing cheese rolls. She had the Filet with cheddar cauliflower mash, I had the Miso Grouper with kimchee fried rice....perfect portions. Wow, a hand made meal with fresh local ingredients. Joe the server was pleasant and the bus boy clean and quick. I couldn't ask for more in a restaurant. They have been around for a while in the hillview district, for a reason. Bottom line

95 bucks with a 25 dollar tip......worth every penny FOR SURE. Oh, the name.... Libby's

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