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A New Home

So we moved. From running a personal chef business out of my Sarasota home, to a real big boy banquet hall kitchen! I am really pleased, we have more to move and grove while doing our catering. The spot is called "The Devyn" It is located at 7113 S. Tamiami trail. Immediately we have expanded into new avenues. Vegan Menus every week for our meal deliveries and Keto diet plans. Meal replacement service called 941 Organics is our main focus right now. We are looking to also do more banquets and big wedding type caterings. A lot going on right now with our expansion. Its amazing to have grown from a personal chef on siesta key to owning a meal delivery service and a big catering establishment. Life is good, Its a 24/7 job. My old private jet catering slogan was 24/7, its not a slogan, its a lifestyle. and that proves to be true with this biz. I am happy to help people and families with healthy foods and a opportunity for them to sit together each night. I also enjoy creating employment opportunities for people. It is what its all about. If I was just doing this to make money, I would need my head examined. Keep coming back!

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