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Outdoor Event Services

We have the ability to service big parties, festivals, churches, business parties, all outdoor.

We have some equipment. From trailers to tables and chairs,

ovens, deep fryers, and saute stations. We can take the party

anywhere. We also have umbrellas, tents, outdoor furniture, lighting 

and just about anything you can think of to throw a great shin-dig in a park 

or at the beach.

Our Next Event:

Fruitville Grove Berry Fest:

March 7th,8th,14th,15th,21st,22nd

Large equipment rental Items

We will beat our competitors pricing!

6X10 Trailer: Lots of stuff to store or haul? This trailer can hold a lot of stuff

2 Cambro cold boxes: keeps food hot or cold, also makes for great beer service

Open beer cooler: Rolling beverage cart

96 gallon coolers: Not for fishing!

Trash cans: all shapes and sizes

Deep fryer: 6 basket fryer, comes with oil and propane

Outdoor lighting strings with extension cords: light up your life

10x10 tents: EZ up, EZ down

Cambro cold/hot boxes: Store hot or cold food, use for service of bottled beverages

Cocktail tables: great for guests to congregate around

Plates, silverware, wine glasses to service up to 20 guests: we have nice dishes for 20 people

Chafing dishes with fuel and tongs/spoons: For buffet service

6 foot folding tables: Durable folding tables can be easily moved and setup anywhere

Dessert stands: Setting up a display, we have a variety of patterns and colors

Heaters with propane: For those cold Florida winter nights!

Propane tanks: Keep the grill going all night

Coffee makers: 100 cups, no problem

Carts for carrying stuff: many shapes and sizes

Want to See Us in Action?

Papitas Fritas = Little Fried Potatoes

"A Gourmet Kettle Chip Nacho Company"

We fresh cut Yukon Gold potatoes, deep fry and season, and put on hand crafted toppings.


Our menu is subject to Chef's inspiration.


All our chips are gluten free and we have many vegetarian and vegan options available, Just ask!


Cubano: Melty Swiss, ham, pickles, scallions ans dijonaise ...................$11

Sweet Chili: Sweet chili sauce, pineapple black bean salsa, queso fresco and cilantro. ..................$10

Pulled Pork: Hand pulled pork, BBQ sauce, nacho cheese, and scallions .....................$12

Big Bacon: Bacon bits and Nacho cheese................... $10

The Classic: Nacho cheese, pico de gallo, black beans, lettuce, jalapenos, sour cream ...............$10

Birthday Funnel Cake Balls: ....................$7

Water: $1

Soda: $2

Ice Tea, Lemonade, Coffee: $2


We accept Cash, Venmo

We also accept Papal and credit cards for a $.50 fee


*We use all vegetable oil

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