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This week at Simon's Coffee House I was gifted with a new experience. Tyler and Maya went out of town so I was asked to cover for Maya. It has been a long time since I undertook the duties of a server. As an ego driven chef I had always thought that the front of the house had it easy. In my mind they just had to move plates of food around, not heavy boxes and hot sheet trays. Well, I was in store for a dose of humble pie. Being a server is physically demanding, running your ass off, literally. NO TIME TO EAT! The other aspect of this is the emotional roller coaster I experienced. Dealing with a hundred hungry people that are generally in a rush to eat and go back to work, can be very spiritually demanding. It's easy to take things personally when time is of the essence. So this leads me to my next point, Servers make NO MONEY. Whatever laws are in place allow servers to be paid LESS THAN MINIUM WAGE. We depend on your tips to pay our bills and keep the dream alive. This means on To-go food as well as full service are TIPPED employees. So if your service is good, throw a buck in the basket or take the time to fill out your credit card sheet. 7 out of 10 do not tip on credit card take-out. This is just been my experience this week. Gratitude for your fellow man makes the world go around. If your service was less than up to par, feel free to not leave anything, what's fair is fair. I can't possibly imagine after all my years in this business that I gave 70% of our customers bad service this week. I love our customers but I felt the need to say this because education is key. The benefit of the doubt is a good thing. please, our rent needs to be paid. T.I.P.S.= To Insure Proper Service!

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