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I'm not going to pull any punches here or try to mis-direct anyone. I am a guy that likes to talk. Someone taught me to capitalize on what I have. I am like a Nascar driver, A walking bill board. This day and age, a private chef such as yours truly has to get creative when marketing and working with others. This is why here at Chef Mike Industries, I have decided to become available for sponsorship! The concept is simple, Come on down to Simon's Coffee House and give Chef Mike a Shirt, a Hat or a sticker and Mike will Rock it, promote it, tell people about it and wear it in a video or a blog. Believe it or not, Chef Mike is more than just a personal chef in Sarasota, he is a pretty well known and respected member of the community. People might just pay attention (notice we said might)! Besides, its a small investment to be a part of something greater. Chef Mike is looking to upgrade his wardrobe! Current sponsors include Scorch fitness, Lelu Coffee and cocktails,and Java Dawg Coffee.

high intensity interval training!

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