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Lelu coffee lounge

The setting. Surfer chic joint on siesta key florida. 2 min walk to one of the most beautiful oceans in the world. The finest coffee siesta has to offer. Specialty blends with hip names like siesta snow, kona macadamia, chaos and many more. Sofas to hide from the hot sun and enjoy a cold brew. Jen, the sassy owner really has her stuff down. Her catering business is great and she has always supported my private chef endeavors. A family owned restaurant. Locally roasted beans and just a great feeling. The baristas are equally as sassy as the owner. The girl who works in the morning is always gaurenteed to start your day with a joke and a poke. The guy who works at night during the smooth jazz session, would love to have a lenghty discussion about the benifits of veganism. All in all, lelu is one of my favorite spots to hang out. Its a great place to meetup and have a vegan event. You may even run into Sarasota's most famous personal chef and event planning service

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