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Toby's roadside bbq

Jacksonville fl has some cool things but the coolest thing was the bbq. found Toby's on the roadside of a wrong turn. A train car out, and a pigs head on the wall. The woman behind the counter greeted me with a confident "hello son, sit anywhere ya like". The waitstaff was to lovely country girls that were extremly gracious. This place doesn't mess around. The decor would please any restauranteur and private chef . Old thyme antique toys, animal heads and sarcastic sayings plastered everywhere. This place has real character. It,s not a coffee shop, but it was a wonderful local family owned place. They have catering. The food, on point. Smoked chicken, giant ribs, handmade bbq sauce, great country style sides and even a little banana puddin to top it off. All for 20 bucks with the tip! When teaching cooking classes i am always looking to expand my knowledge on different culinary techniques. The more i know, the larger audience i can serve to my catering clients, personal chef people and in my cooking classes

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