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Meeting an Idol

Last night, I got to check a box off my bucket list. It has always been a goal of mine to eat at Nobu. A swanky worldwide chain of some of the highest quality foods known to man. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the whole dining room welcoming me with some Japanese saying. I felt special. Right from the get go. Everything very Japanese in style and clean. Only a pair of chopsticks nestled on a pebble, an empty water cup and a delicately folded napkin. The new location in a north Miami beach hotel was impressive to an average guy like me. I was greeted with a smile and a bottle of sparkling voss. The server began to explain some very complicated specials and menu items to me. Even being a culinary professional, this stuff was out of my realm and somewhat overwhelming. I proceeded to give Janette a Chef Mike card and tell her a bit about myself. She didn't seemed concerned. I told her my budget and to bring me a tasting. 3.5 hours later after many small courses, one of the pinnacle events of my life happened. Nobu-san himself came and personally greeted me. I was star struck. I did however manage to give him a card, and he also didn't seemed concerned. He was very friendly and asked me a few short questions about my business. For me, This was like meeting the president, a top rock star, or some other person you may have idolized since childhood. amazing.

The food was phenomenal. A Toro tuna dish with truffle sauce, sea urchin, black caviar and gold flake was among my favorites. Many other things like lobster smothered in a sauce of Japanese peppers and lemon aioli with crispy pork. Some of the freshest fish ive ever had on the 4 delicate sashimi pieces they brought. The list goes on and on. 10 courses, each one amazing. A must try if you are into fine dining. A perfect experience from soup to nuts.

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