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Dreams do come true

it is 2:12 am. I am working. Its just what I do. I recently watched a Netflix documentary about a chef and it opens up with, " part of the challenge of being a chef/restaurateur, is how much of this can I take?" A very good point in my experience as a personal chef and caterer. Working for oneself is a game that few choose to play. It seems like you will have lots of money and plenty of free time. Its a bit of a conundrum. You will have more money, except you spend the majority of it on your baby business, and you will have free time to do what you want, as long as what you want to do is grow your business. I am not complaining. This is the most rewarding thing ive ever done with my life. At times I am wrapped up in it but when I look around, I feel like ive really done something special not only for myself but for the world. I create jobs that don't suck as much as regular jobs, I feed families and I educate. The work I do is great. At the cooking class we did last night, it paid off. I got to teach 12

kids cooking class in sarasota

kids how to roll sushi. It was amazing, they paid attention and learned what really goes into making the yummy food that people in Sarasota are used to. What a blessing to help people learn about the small segment of life I know a lot about. ANYHOW. Ive always wanted to have my own business. I was a little kid passing out flyers for car washes. Its how this little personal chef bought his first bicycle. I was always afraid to break out on my own. If you think you have a good idea for a business or a product. DO IT. Take classes, do research and become obsessed with your passion. WE Only LIVE ONCE PEOPLE! So to conclude my article, I just wanted to say is that it is all working out. WE ARE MOVING INTO A NEW CATERING KITCHEN! Playing with the big boys now! Chef Mike Industries is on the prowl! 941organics is going to grow to new heights!

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