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Our Mission:

To provide our clients high end, customized catering with impeccable service from start to finish.
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2024 - 2025
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About Chef Mike

Chef Mike teaching young kids how to bake.
Chef Mike Donnerstag of Sarasota, Fl seasons a meal.
Chef Mike Donnerstag cooking and being filmed on MTV's Siesta Key.

Chef Mike’s mission to share healthy, delicious, and high quality meals in Sarasota, FL all started during his high school years in Rhode Island.


Then, working at a local Chinese restaurant, Mike saw the world differently from his peers. He was not interested in pursuing a traditional career or spending years at a desk studying for a degree. He always took a hands-on approach when it came to learning. He needed a fast-paced, dynamic, and creative environment to thrive. Mike found that at Johnson & Wales University which lead him to an internship at Legal Seafood in Warwick, Rhode Island.


His love for the culinary world was blossoming and so was his expertise. Chef Mike then moved to Burlington, VT for a position at the Icehouse Restaurant. Once he felt it was time to sharpen his skills and resume, he moved to Sarasota, FL where he took on positions at favorite, local restaurants; The Sandbar on Anna Maria Island, The Longboat Key Club, and Tommy Bahamas on St. Armand’s Circle.

Chef Mike also spent 5 years in private jet catering with NetJets. This was where he learned that he loved the high end catering and servicing niche of the culinary world.

It gave him room to play with unique ingredients and let his imagination impress everyone’s taste buds.

However, Chef Mike found himself working many late nights and long hours on his feet. He noticed that many of his co-workers were also leading unhealthy lifestyles. He had reached 300 lbs, was drinking more often than he liked, and picked up a smoking habit.


In 2014, he decided to change his life.


Cooking continued to be his solace and motivator. Chef Mike began specializing in vegan, keto, vegetarian, and whole foods at Simon’s Coffee House. He started teaching cooking classes and catering on the side.


Now, Chef Mike is a leading example of how food is a key ingredient in living a healthy lifestyle. Since his restaurant days, he has quit smoking, quit drinking, and lost the unhealthy weight.


His successful business, Chef Mike SRQ, is changing the world 1 meal at a time with wholesome food and education.

"Remember, Don't Get Burned!"

Chef Mike Donnerstag's signature
Who is Chef Mike

  "Remember, Don't Get Burned!"  

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